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The Jester

I am standing out the front of the hospital wondering if I could righteously kick my whole family out of the house, or maybe kill them even. The Doctor doling out my drugs every month (nothing fun just Interferon and Ribavirin) suggested I might benefit from antidepressants.  I wish she’d stop Interferon in my life, … Continued

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The Latest Findings Regarding Illicit Drugs and Australians

The latest finding regarding illicit drugs and Australians Harms from illicit drugs affect all Australian communities, families and individuals, either directly or indirectly. These include illnesses and injuries, mental health and trauma, and health care and other financial costs (DoH 2017). In 2015, illicit drug use contributed to 2.7% of the total burden of disease … Continued

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Current Drug Laws Reflection

When I heard the theme for this was around aging… or should I saw ‘experience’, I started to think about the changes I have seen in my 41 years on the mortal coil. And I found myself saying ‘back in my day’. But for this topic, I had to go further back than ‘my day’ … Continued

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