Community Guidelines

This is NOT an emergency service – if you need crisis assistance please call 000

Be friendly and welcoming: it takes courage to post your story, ask questions and share, so it is important to be welcoming, respectful and show support.

Be respectful of diversity and difference: do not discriminate or stigmatise.

Respect people’s boundaries, beliefs, ideas and choices.

Do not collect or post personal information on people.

What happens in the chatroom, stays in the chat room.

Treat others and yourself with respect.

Keep it Kind! This is your space to feel safe and connected to a community.

Never post details of drug sources, personal information, self-harm or suicide methods, methods to lose weight, abuse or medication advice. Whilst it is important to talk about suicide and self-harm, it is important to do this safely and respectfully in other appropriate contexts. When talking about drug dosages, be mindful substances vary from country to state and people’s bodies react differently.

Keep identifying information private, such as email address, full name, photos of yourself or someone you know: it is important for you to maintain your anonymity for your safety. Whether you’re connecting to the internet on a computer or a smartphone, you should use a virtual private network or VPN. What a VPN won’t do is completely anonymize your traffic. To do that, you’ll want to use a service such as Tor.

Remember that all suggestions and support is given by your peers. This means that we encourage you to remember this if you decide to follow any suggestions given. If you would like professional support and advice you can contact QuIHN.

Also remember no advice is better than wrong advice, do not give wrong or misleading medical advice or impersonate medical or legal professionals.

Limit the frequency of your posts so the discussion can flow: Spamming the chat can lead to a pause or ban on your account, it is important to allow everyone to speak freely.

Hi-Ground will not tolerate any harassment, bullying, or other abusive behaviour. Swearing is permitted, however swearing at another person is not permitted.

Do not use our network for illegal activity. Do not try to buy or sell substances or post identifying information about the purchasing or sale of drugs.

Report abuse and flag items that violate the community guidelines.

Keep your messages appropriate: explicit sexual material or graphic depictions of abuse are not permitted.

When providing a useful resource, ensure it is appropriate for our community. Provide a disclaimer or warning if sharing something that is permitted by the guidelines but fringe or has a potential to cause distress. Hi-Ground has the right to delete any content that we believe isn’t appropriate, see our resource page for good suggestions. Measures: We can remove users and block accounts if we feel it is necessary.

You may receive a message from a Hi-Ground moderator. This may be to check in after a concerning post, or to discuss the content from your post. Please respond to our message as we are doing our best to make sure you are OK. If you do not respond, in most cases, we will be unable to assist you. We want you to be able to express yourself on Hi-Ground, however, if you have breached our community guidelines, your post will not be submitted and your account may be paused, banned or otherwise reviewed. Please email us if you would like a review of any blocks/bans.

Disclaimer of Liability: You are responsible for your own actions, we are not responsible for what the site community tells you, we assume no liability for actions as a result of using our service. More details are provided in the terms and conditions.

Privacy: Remember everything on the internet is public, it is your responsibility to protect your own personal information. Hi-Ground aims to protect our community however we are not responsible if the security of our systems is compromised. More details are provided in the terms and conditions.

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