What’s it for?

By Firefly

The 60’s grew forgiveness from cannabis seeds
Neither policing agenda, nor political creeds
But on media bullshit, they made us feed
Until with their lies, we reluctantly agreed

Those were the days, the birth of rock and roll
When drug use was legal, or so I am told
No one did time, for drugs that they sold
Before propaganda forced into the fold

No on did crime for addictions to survive
Drugs didn’t kill us they kept us alive
Hippies puffed billies, in step with their jive
But for prohibition authorities strived

The dawn of the drug war brought a 70’s need
To ingest all we could from benzos to speed
Yet when acid made a comeback, in the 80’s
The flower kids had grown, and love wasn’t free

Mum stayed in the kitchen and drank tea with Bex
She never went far in case Dad wanted sex
Good people they were, for whatever came next
They weren’t told the truth, they were just told the rest

The the 90’s white horse, trampled our shores
We couldn’t get enough of the bliss that it brought
But it also brought death to even the score
It also brought death, like never before

Skinning our loved ones, and leaving them raw
Leaving wounds that don’t heal, and hearth that are torn
We just want to escape, not fight in your war
Our rights have been raped, at our mutual core

From the year 2000 we see drugs anew

Designer in style, there’s more than a few
They swim the net, like irukandji stew
Don’t use too much, we won’t know what to do

So, who’ll bare the blame of this new norm?

And the dangers provoked by harmful drug laws.
This system is killing us, is that what it’s for?
To blame us and hsame us, to maim us some more?

The lies are now open, but nobody cares

All information just keeps us scared

Stand up for what’s right, you just wouldn’t dare
It’s time to oppose laws so unfair.