NEW DRUG ALERT – from the Victorian Department of Health (Melbourne, October 2021)

PMMA has been detected in MDMA (ecstasy) in Melbourne, presenting as broken up (crushed) yellow crystals

PMMA is a highly dangerous substance that has resulted in deaths in Australia and other countries. If you might have taken this substance and are experiencing adverse side effects, call 000.

Para-Methoxymethamphetamine (PMMA) is an ‘empathogen’ with stimulant and mild hallucinogenic properties that has been associated with a substantial number of deaths worldwide. Depending on the amount taken, it seems to have a significant risk of very serious harm to health. This includes hyperthermia (dangerously high body temperature), acute respiratory distress (severe shortness of breath needing immediate medical attention), cardiac arrest, convulsions, sudden collapse, multiple organ failure, and death.

Reports from people who have used PMMA intentionally suggest it’s hard to take a dose that provides any desirable effects without experiencing serious unwanted effects. While unpredictable, the effects of PMMA may include moderate stimulation, mildly heightened senses, seeing colours and shapes, overheating, dehydration, sweating, increased heartbeat and blood pressure, difficulty breathing, irregular eye movements, muscle spasms, and nausea and vomiting.

Be very cautious about any substance with a yellow colour/tinge that’s sold as MDMA – it may contain PMMA

Watch out for delayed ‘come up’
Initially feels similar to MDMA, but it takes a bit longer to come on (1-2 hours) and feels less euphoric. This delayed onset leads some people to think they have weak or slow-onset MDMA, and so they take more.
Know what to look out for
PMMA can cause serotonin toxicity (aka ‘serotonin syndrome’) at low doses.
Symptoms of serotonin toxicity include very high body temperature (overheating), rapid heart rate, difficulties breathing, confusion, seizures / convulsions.
If you might have taken this substance and are experiencing adverse side effects, call 000. People have died because they waited too long to seek help.
The problem with PMMA + MDMA
Some people take PMMA, and think it’s just weak MDMA.
PMMA reduces the brain’s ability to break down serotonin, and MDMA causes a massive release of serotonin.
When these two things happen at the same time, there’s a very high chance of developing serotonin toxicity.
🤍 Harm reduction advice
– Start with a low dose, and do not take more if you have a delayed effect.
– Be aware of your body temperature, especially if you are in a hot or crowded environment. If you begin to overheat, seek medical attention.
– Stay hydrated, but not too hydrated (overhydration can be fatal). A rule of thumb is sipping 500ml water per hour if active (e.g. dancing) or 250ml water per hour if inactive (e.g. sitting).
– Reagent tests will not detect the combination of PMMA + MDMA. MDMA reacts more strongly to most reagent tests, even if PMMA is present in greater amounts.

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