Institute for Urban Indigenous Health ‘BiOC’ Program is a Partnership between IUIH, ATSICHS Brisbane and the Mater Mothers’ Hospital. The BiOC Program is delivered out of our Mums and Bubs Hub at Salisbury in Brisbane’s southern suburbs. The program delivers clinical outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and babies participating in the program and continues to deliver outstanding results.

The BiOC Model offers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers with:

Midwifery group practice with 24/7 access to pregnancy, birthing and postnatal care provided by the same midwife, backed up when necessary by other midwives who are all part of the same BiOC team

Support from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Support Workers and student midwives as core members of the team, along with other health services as needed

Transport services to access care as well as home visits as needed

Intensive support for women to quit smoking (throughout their pregnancy and for up to 6 months after birth).