Exchange Supplies put together a couple of videos for women by women to educate and reduce harms in regards to needle and syringe equipment and groin injecting.

Woman to Woman – Advice from Experience

Woman to Woman – Advice from Experience resources were developed in response to a request to the field from Claire Longmuir Harm Reduction Policy and Practice Lead at the Simon Community in Scotland, who was looking for resources for women who inject drugs.

Exchange supplies have started the project with two films made by Hide and Seek Media, based on discussions between Claire and Jane from Exchange Supplies, in which Jane shares her experience of injecting, and talks about needle selection and the long term health problems she has experienced as a result of injecting into her femoral vein.

This resources by/for women and was made in the hope that it will grow into a significant resource to improve the health and wellbeing of women who inject drugs.


Jane from Exchange Supplies introduces the range of needles that are available, and explains the benefits of using the shortest, thinnest needle to reach the vein.



Woman to Woman: Injecting in the groin
Made primarily for women who inject drugs, Jane’s advice from experience of the long term and painful consequences of injecting in the groin will also be of interest to anyone thinking of injecting into the femoral vein, and also those who work with people who inject drugs. Head to their vimeo channel to watch this video.

You can check out their vimeo channel via this link >