Psychedelic research is pointing to the potential for new treatment options for a variety of psychiatric conditions. Psychedelic-assisted therapies are experiential medicines, healing occurs through the interaction of pharmacology and phenomenology, within a therapeutic context. When appropriately supported, psychedelics facilitate pivotal mental states which can enhance psychological self-agency and wellbeing. This talk will highlight the key competencies of a psychedelic therapist through an exploration of the process of psychedelic-assisted therapy from preparation, to the acute dose, through to integration. We will conclude with an investigation of what remains unknown and the next steps in articulating the clinical approach to these promising medicines. 

Melissa is an advocate for innovative solutions to enhance mental health and psychological wellbeing. Melissa is Secretary of Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine (PRISM) a charity supporting the creation of psychedelic research trials, a teacher to future psychedelic therapists at Mind Medicine Australia and Psychedelics Today, a co-founder of The Australian Psychedelic Society and is a member of the UK-Australian Young Leaders Forum. Supported by her background in neuroscience, an experienced meditation guide, and a current focus on psychology and transformative-technology, Melissa contributes to the establishment of next-generation mental health treatments in Australia. In her leisure time, Melissa enjoys her yoga practice, poetry, dance, and painting. 

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