Help make STEROID CHECKING a reality!


Currently steroids are unable to be drug tested in any of the fixed sites around Australia and are being left behind in progressive harm reduction approaches

How can you help?
Bring your gear (Vials + Tablets)
To the CheQpoint drug checking service

Brisbane (QuIHN Bowen Hills)
Fridays between 2PM-6PM
From April – December 2024.

Gold Coast (QuIHN Burleigh Heads)
Thursdays between 2PM-6PM
From July – December 2024.

Can I get results?
Approximately every 1-2 months all the results will be posted online via the Hi-Ground website and socials, however these results will not be individualised (for now).

What happens with my sample?
The samples received at CheqPoint are taken to another lab for off-site testing using specialised equipment that enables the steroid community to receive comprehensive results such as presence of other substances and purity.
Overtime we aim to refine this process so testing steroids becomes easier, faster and the community can receive individualised results.

What is this about?
This is a research project about how steroids can be included and integrated into the current drug checking processes.

The research project is also wanting to interview people who use steroids regarding their steroid use after they see the results posted.
For more details contact

This project is a collaborative effort by QuIVAA, Griffith University, Liverpool University, RMIT University, University of Queensland,
The Loop Australia, QuIHN, CheQpoint & Hi-Ground.

This study is approved by Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee (GU Ref No: 2023/784).

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