Steroid Checking Trial background:

Globally, 3.3% of the population uses image and performance enhancing drugs (IPEDs) [1]. In a rapidly growing market [2, 3], counterfeit and substandard IPEDs are prevalent (>66%), highlighting issues of misrepresentation and inconsistency in product composition [4, 5]. There is potential for severe physical (e.g., cardiovascular event) and psychological consequences (e.g., depression) from IPEDs [6], but particularly so for unintended use of more harmful varieties of IPEDs (e.g., trenbolone) [7] and, therefore, interventions are crucial for protecting consumers health.

In February 2023, the government of Queensland in Australia announced its support for the introduction of drug checking services [8] which are now being implemented as a fixed-site and mobile service in Brisbane [9]. These services offer substance analysis and advice on composition, including unexpected contaminants, while providing attendees with health information [10]. Tim’s recent research [11] with IPED consumers has demonstrated the importance of the provision of drug checking services, due to the surge of more harmful IPEDs such as trenbolone [7, 12]. The findings suggest implementing harm reduction strategies, with drug checking being a primary health promotion candidate strategy for this group.

From there, the World’s first steroid checking trial was born…

WAVE 1 REPORT ROIDCheck-Wave1_Results

WAVE 2 REPORT [coming soon]

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