What is QPAMS?
QPAMS is a Queensland Pharmacotherapy Advocacy Mediation and Support Service.

How can QPAMS help?
QPAMS is a peer-based support & information service for people on opioid treatment across QLD or people wanting to access opioid treatments.
How QPAMS can help:
• If you want to know more about accessing Take Away Doses
• If you are transferring interstate or to another area in QLD
• If you need help sorting out issues with your clinic or prescriber
• If you need help sorting out issues with your pharmacy or dosing point
• If you are feeling as though you haven’t been involved in decisions about your treatment
• If you have confidentiality & privacy concerns
• If you are experiencing discrimination or stigma because you are on treatment
• If you are having issues paying your dosing fees or pharmacy debt
• If you have been kicked off the program or suspended
• If you are being rapidly reduced off your treatment because of a behaviour, drug use or other reason
• If you want to know about your rights whilst on treatment
• If you have lost or missed a dose
• If you want to get on the program and don’t know where to start
• If you are having trouble with other medications (eg: benzo’s) whilst you are on treatment
• If you are having issues with drug use whilst on treatment
• If you are pregnant and want to know how treatment affects pregnancy and child birth
• If you are worried you are not being dosed properly
• If you feel as though you have been treated unfairly by people involved in your treatment
• If you are prescribed pain medication as well as methadone or bupe
• If you are having troubles with work or employment whilst on treatment
• If you want to know about reducing or coming off the opioid treatment program
• If you want to make an official /formal complaint and need help
• If you think you clinic or prescriber is not doing the right thing
• If you want help understanding the QLD Opiate Treatment Guidelines
• If you are transferring from one medication to another
• If you need help to find a prescriber or a pharmacy
• If you are finding being on the opioid treatment program challenging
• If you have questions about side effects or long term effects of treatment
• If you have any questions about opioid treatments AT ALL
• You just want to talk about your treatment with someone who understands and is on treatment too!
If you have an issue about your treatment then please call QPAMS 1800 175 889
QPAMS will support you and advocate on your behalf with any issues you are having.
Talk to someone who understands!