PED Harm Reduction & Health Management featuring: Victoria Felkar, Scott McNally, Gus Cooke & Tim Piatkowski Sep 13, 2023 Lifters League Podcast

In this riveting episode, Lifters League delve deep into the complex world of Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) with a panel of experts who bring a wealth of knowledge from academia, coaching, and the fitness industry. The conversation spans the micro to the macro—exploring individual choices, societal influences, and the political landscape that impacts PED use and harm reduction.

Meet the Esteemed Guests:
👩‍🎓 Victoria Felkar: An internationally renowned scholar and Lecturer at the University of British Columbia, Victoria specialises in the critical study of social ethics, hormonal manipulation, and performance-enhancing technologies. She also owns a successful independent consulting firm, advocating for education in the fitness industry.

🎧 Scott McNally: The creative force behind Think BIG Bodybuilding Media, Scott McNally brings a practical understanding of PEDs in the bodybuilding world. With over 1000 fitness-related podcasts under his belt, Scott is a seasoned coach who trains elite bodybuilders and educates the public on responsible PED use.

📚 Tim Piatkowski: An academic in the higher education space, Tim focuses his research on harm reduction and applied psychology. Passionate about translating research into real-world impacts and policy change, he is currently working to reduce harm for those using PEDs and other illicit substances.

🏋️‍♂️ Gus Cooke (Host): A powerlifting coach with a strong scientific background, Gus Cooke is on the front lines, working with athletes in strength sports. In this episode, he shares his own ethical dilemmas and seeks to explore what the role of a coach should be in the context of PED use.

Lifters League consolidated the chapters into broader categories that capture the essence of the most important parts discussed in the podcast. Here are the revised chapters with timestamps:

1. Introduction and Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching – [00:00]
– Introduction of presenters and discussion on ethical considerations in coaching and PED use.

2. Harm Reduction and Informed Choices- [14:54]
– Strategies for harm reduction, informed choices, and focusing on other areas for improvement.

3. Public Perception and Misinformation – [16:53]
– The role of public perception, misinformation, and the need for critical thinking.

4. Physiological Aspects of PED Use – [21:37]
– Discussion on elite athletes, economic aspects, and myths surrounding specific PEDs like Trenbolone.

5. Legal and Policy Challenges – [35:08]
– The need for policy changes, legal barriers, and research limitations.

6. Health Monitoring and Risk Reduction – [52:05]
– Practical steps for monitoring health markers and reducing risks associated with PED use.

7. Female Health and Hormonal Considerations – [54:21]
– Discussion on female health, menstrual cycles, and post-cycle therapy.

8. Navigating Ethical and External Influences in Coaching – [1:10:08]
– Ethical boundaries, external influences, and the growth of professional leagues in strength sports.

9. Closing Remarks and Future Directions – [1:12:43]
– Final thoughts and a thank you to the guests for their contributions to the podcast.

Join them for an enlightening discussion that aims to shed light on the often murky waters of PED use, offering actionable insights for athletes, coaches, and policymakers alike.