Did you ever know what you did to me?  

Did you ever realise, 

That a child develops who they are, 

From way down, deep inside. 


When I reached within to find me there, 

All I saw was shame, 

A shattered little innocent, 

Forced to play your game. 


You stole so many years away, 

But now, one things plain to see, 

I have the choice to rise above, 

The victim side of me. 


I can have a rich fulfilling life, 

Despite what you have done, 

You can’t dictate who I am now, 

So, all in all, I’ve won. 


Something changed a while ago, 

I decided to fight back, 

To discover the woman who is deep within,  

Not full of fear or lack; 


Courage, determination and guts, 

The strength has been there all along, 

Not hidden behind the bottle or pills, 

That I thought would make me strong. 


So, pack your bags and get out of here, 

And leave me the hell alone. 

I won’t listen to your words no more, 

Because, guess what, I’m fully grown.