The tracks tell a story,

One you know to well,

About the lies, and dishonesty that your un-willing  to tell,

To those in recovery,

the ones who got out alive,

The ones who found a meaning and wanted to survive,

Say a little prayer for the ones that still

aren’t there,

The ones who are still living in the chaos and despair,

Those tracks will grow bigger as time

goes by,

Waiting, watching, thinking about anyway to get high,

Until you are ready those tracks will

never heal,

They go beneath the skin and will not want you to feel,

When you are  ready my friend,

come back to me,

When you have had enough of the

pain and misery,

Don’t come back too early, only when enough is

a enough,


If you do my friend it will just

be a bluff,

I will be here to support you when you are ready

to change,

When you are ready to face your

loss and pain,

I promise it will get better with one day

at a time,

And slowly the thoughts of drugs will wear down in your mind,

Your body will become stronger and so will your thoughts,

And hopefully you will see that light it should go off like a touch,

The addict will always be there, it’s indented in your veins,

But you will learn how to cope and manage to deal with pain,

It will get better my friend you will

slowly see,

Little miracle’s will happen when you

stay clean.