I’ve experimented in almost all party and street drugs in my life and I have been asked to tell you about my time using GHB also known as fantasy, liquid ecstasy and frank.

It comes in a liquid form and is taken orally. It can be measured out in a 3ml syringe and you squirt it down your mouth. So, one night myself and two of my good mates got invited to a house party for a mate’s birthday. I picked them up and one of my mates had some frank on them, so we pulled up at the party and before we walked in, we each had a dose. We didn’t have anything to measure it out with, so we decided to fill up the Mount Franklin water blue bottle lid.

We hadn’t even been in the party for 10 minutes when my girlfriend and I looked at each other and said ‘Let’s get out of here, it’s too much’. At that stage the fantasy had hit us like a tonne of bricks, it come on so quick. We grabbed our other mate and got in my car and left the party.

We decided to head to another mate’s place to party there. I was driving, we had the music full ball and all of us were dancing in my car. All I can remember is, at one stage, I must have gone up a gutter or something, which woke me up and I concentrated back on driving again. I remember driving into my mate’s street, parking the car and getting out of the car screaming out at her, because I could see her on her balcony.

Then I woke up with nurses around me asking me all these questions like: “What did you take? Do you know where you are? What’s your name, date of birth?”
I REPLIED “Well is smells like a hospital to me. Did you call me next of kin?” The nurses told me “it was very close at stages we thought we would have had to call your next of kin a few times, and you nearly ended up in intensive care too”.

All I cared about was where my friends were and my stuff, like my car keys, wallet and mobile phone. Then I wanted to go to the toilet, the nurses wouldn’t let me get up to go, but I got up anyway. As I was walking to the toilet, I saw my two friends in the beds next to me. Then they discharged me from hospital, I had nothing with me at all and they ripped my dress off me, so the only clothes I had on was the hospital dress.

The only phone number I knew off by heart was my dad’s, so they gave me one call from the hospital. I called my dad. It was 4am in the morning, he answered, I told him where I thought my car was, so he went there and got my car and picked me up from the hospital. So the advice I’d give from my experience is make sure you dose accurately! (Water bottle lids just don’t cut it finely enough).

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