Our latest project!

Thanks to the ‘Investing in Queensland Women Grant’ we are undertaking research to develop relevant and non-judgemental harm reduction resources for diverse Queensland women. Resources will include wellbeing and substance harm reduction information for:
~ parenting/pregnancy/breastfeeding
~ young women
~ Women with a disability
~ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
~ & country gals in rural communities.

Ladies we need you!
We will be using our secure chatroom, run by trained peers and QuIHN staff – to undertake collaborative research with specific women’s groups to help inform the resource content. This ensures relevant communities contribute to and have voice in the resource development process.
Chatroom sessions will run from August to September

Project outcomes:
~ Co-develop resources by Women for Women in multiple formats for online and print use.
~ Organise E-Support group sessions over a 6 week period across November and December 2021 with content based around the resource topics and led by Hi-Ground female peers and QuIHN staff within the harm reduction and therapeutic counselling teams.

You can also help us by filling out this anonymous survey, your answers will help guide the development of content!