What are Queensland’s drug checking services?
After the Queensland Government announcement in 2023 to introduce Drug Checking (“Pill Testing”), two services will be operating in Queensland: CheQpoint will be Queensland’s first ever fixed testing service opening its doors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as selected music festivals; and Pill Testing Australia (PTA) is operating at selected music festivals.

Queensland’s drug checking services are free, confidential and anonymous, and available to everyone. Results are communicated to people using the service by harm reduction staff. Tailored harm reduction supports, guidance, and referrals to drug-related, health, and social services (eg: Needle & Syringe Program ‘NSP’, naloxone training, primary health care) will also be provided through the fixed sites process.

What can be checked?
samples include any drugs of:
● Powder
● Crystals
● Rocks
● Pill/s
● Blotter
● Liquid (eg. LSD/GHB)

There are some samples services do not accept:

●    Organic products (eg. cannabis, mushrooms, etc.)
●    Confectionary (eg. gummies, cookies, etc.)
●    Used drug equipment (eg. a used cooker or filter, leftover liquid from a syringe, etc.)

How much of a drug do I need to give for my sample?
A sample only needs to be a small amount, the size of a match head (approximately 10mg). Only bringing this small amount into the service is the safest approach. 

How do I get my drugs checked?
1. Take a small sample of your substance to one of the drug-checking services. Check opening hours on the CheQpoint and Pill Testing Australia websites or socials such as instagram.
2. Provide sample for chemical analysis. It will be photographed and cataloged. Samples provided will not be returned.
3. The service will ask for anonymous information for the purpose of delivering a tailored drug information and harm reduction session once the chemist has finished analysis.
4. Receive the sample results from a health professional or harm reduction worker. You will have the opportunity to discuss the results. This opportunity will be framed around harm reduction, including information on the substance(s) and strategies to reduce risks.

Results involving purity, secondary lab testing or substances like steroids may require off-site testing and may therefore take 1-2 weeks.

Waiting times between steps may vary on the day.

What sort of questions will I be asked?
You will be asked some basic de-identified demographic information, followed by questions regarding your drug use history, health, and circumstances around taking that specific substance. This information will help staff to provide the most relevant and useful harm reduction recommendations specific to you. Any information collected will remain anonymous. You don’t have to answer any questions that you don’t want to.

Can I leave a sample and get the results later?
For all substances that can be tested on site, you will need to wait to receive your results in person. For substances that cannot be tested on-site and require different technology for analysis (eg. Steroids, or quantifiable results such as strength and purity), clients will be able to call the service at a later date to receive results.

Can I test more than one sample at a time?
More than one sample can be tested. This may increase the possible wait time and length of harm reduction discussion. There will be reasonable limitations on the amount of samples able to be tested, especially if the service is busy.

The law, your rights, and safety
It is still an offense to carry illicit drugs and some pharmaceuticals without prescription in Queensland. 

You do not need to bring your entire drug stash to the service. A very small amount is required to complete a test. Risks can be minimised when smaller amounts are in possession.

In May 2024, Queensland Police Service will be expanding the scope and eligibility of the Police Drug Diversion Program. For people who are eligible, there will be additional diversion opportunities for minor drug possession offenses as alternatives to having to appear court.

Where can I get my drugs checked?
Samples can be checked at selected music festivals, and two sites in Brisbane & Gold Coast. The fixed sites are within existing agencies, where alcohol and other drug counseling services and a range of harm reduction programs are offered:

CheQpoint – QuIHN Brisbane
Address: 1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, QLD, 4006.
Phone: (07) 3620 8111
Drug Checking Service Opening Hours (19 April 2024 – 18 April 2025):
Friday 12:30pm-6:00pm
Getting there: Onsite parking & public transport options available

CheQpointQuIHN Gold Coast
Shop 12/89-99 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
Phone: (07) 5520 7900
Drug Checking Service Opening Hours (1 July 2024 – 18 April 2025): Check website for day and time.
Getting there:
Limited onsite parking available, however, there is a shopping center carpark nearby at Stocklands & public transport options

Who is involved in Queensland’s CheQpoint Drug Checking Service?
Partners: CheQpoint (QuIHN | The Loop Australia & QuIVAA)
Funders: Queensland HealthQueensland’s Drug Checking Services works closely with clients, and people who use drugs more broadly, to ensure the program meets the needs of the community it is intended to serve.